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Not sure how to write a resume cover letter? Here you can learn how to write a cover letter with or without experience, and other job letters for all stages of job seeking.
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Writing a Cover Letter for Remote Positions

When you are trying to write a Cover Letter for any job, it is always a good idea to praise the company to which you are applying.  Recruiters want to know that you appreciate their organization. 

Writing a Cover Letter for a remote job is no different from any other Cover Letter, except you will want to focus more on skills that are required to successfully work remotely.  In many situations, an applicant working from home may not actually meet the hiring manager in person, so it is incumbent on the candidate to provide a clear picture of his/her unique skills and the value they will add.

Theoretically you will be identifying opportunities that advertise that they are remote positions.  You should therefore explain why you are interested in the company and your past experience of remotely working.  As with any position, researching the company and the job description will provide clues as to what they are seeking.

After expressing you enthusiastic interest in the job and company, you should highlight any prior jobs or projects you have held where you worked from home, or in a remote location, so that the Recruiter will feel confident in your ability to get the job done independently.  In this part of the letter, you will want to demonstrate your positive experience at being successful outside of the office.  Listing appropriate skills, such as: time management; ability to work independently; knowledge of technology necessary to interact with other offices; strong communication skills; self-motivated; flexible and adaptable.

Add a few projects that will demonstrate how you have managed in a remote job-situation.

Language such as,

I am really excited about applying for this role, and I feel very aligned with your mission, as I have done similar remote work in this field.  I am deeply passionate about …. Not only am I aligned with the company but I possess the necessary skills to successfully fulfil the responsibilities of the (Job Title), working out of my home office.


As a frequent user of your brand, I was delighted to see on your website that you are seeking a remote Customer Care Professional.  I believe my 8 years of working remotely, with demonstrated customer service experience in a fast-pace retail environment, would make me a great addition to your team.

I am currently in a sales position where I:

  • Assist customers daily
  • Respond to inquiries in person or by phone
  • Offer personal recommendations
  • Meet or exceed sales goals
  • Manage calendars
  • Pay invoices

I am highly self-motivated and am able to work alone or within a team environment.  My multitasking skills, along with my communication skills and ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously are qualities that will enable me to successfully and productively work from home.

As with most job applications, highlighting your strengths and results by working remotely will elevate you as a candidate.  If you have not previously worked in a remote position, present those skills that are transferable and necessary to work independently, outside of the office.