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Not sure how to write a resume cover letter? Here you can learn how to write a cover letter with or without experience, and other job letters for all stages of job seeking.
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Mastering the Art of the Short Cover Letter

Writing a Cover Letter that explains why you are the best qualified candidate, while keeping it short and concise, is often the best approach.  Especially if you have limited experience or are just entering the work force, a short Cover Letter is all that is necessary.  Hiring Managers do not have unlimited time to read through lengthy letters with extensive details.  A short, impactful Cover Letter is more likely to advance your candidacy.  Some examples of brief letters, when attached with your resume include:

Dear (Name of Recipient),

I have been passionate about (Functional Title: Marketing; HR; Sales, etc.) throughout my entire career.  I am highly interested in your position of (Job Title) which was posted on your website and matches both my experience and career objectives.

I have (X) years of (…) experience, working in a large corporation with a diverse range of responsibilities:

  • Skill - Result
  • Skill - Result
  • Successful project

I would love an opportunity to discuss this position with you further.  Attached please find my resume.  I will contact you next week to discuss next steps.

This short Cover Letter succeeds because it makes an immediate impact about the candidate’s enthusiasm, supported by their experience.  It is long enough to outline a few concrete  examples to demonstrate the candidate’s fit for the position and strong interest.

Dear (Name of Hiring Manager),

Since (Year) I have worked as a sales clerk in the children’s department of two major department stores.  If (Company name) is seeking a successful professional with excellent sales results, I am your candidate! 

  • Sales results - increased sales by (X%) exceeding the quarterly quota
  • Customer Service - engaged clients who returned regularly
  • Communication - Promptly responded to customers and addressed their individual requests

I am a reliable, diligent employee with excellent attendance and am well-received by my customers.  As a result, I have exceeded sales benchmarks in my division and have been promoted regularly.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding your opportunity for a (Title), where I believe I will make an immediate impact.


For positions similar to the above sales job, emphasizing the attendance record and focusing on sales will quickly gain the attention of the hiring manager.  There is no need to add more to the letter.  Another example:

Dear (Hiring Manager’s Name),

As a state-certified Physicians Associate with 10 years of experience working in the Emergency Room at (name of hospital), I believe I am the ideal candidate for the (Title) position at (XYZ hospital.)

My current responsibilities include:

  • Receiving and evaluating over 25 patients daily
  • Providing support plans for each patient
  • Interacting with physicians and administrative staff
  • Following up to assess health progress

I understand the urgency attendant to each patient and offer support while providing necessary care and solutions.  In (Year) I was recognized as the (name of award) because of my dedication to my patients.  I believe my years of experience, current knowledge of the healthcare industry practices and my dedication to  patient care will make me a valuable addition to your organization.

I have attached a resume for your consideration, and I would appreciate an opportunity to speak with you at your earliest convenience.  My contact information is (123456789)


Here the candidate does not waste time with unnecessary language.  She highlights her relevant healthcare experience and shows how she is a match for the job in consideration.  It is long enough to provide the recruiter with sufficient information to advance her as a candidate.