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Whether you're a new graduate with limited work experience, are switching careers, have gaps in your employment history, or were recently laid off and are unsure how to address that in your resume, our resume FAQs will guide you through all these situations.
Resume FAQ

How do I show promotions within a job on my resume?

Congratulations!  You have been promoted again!  If you have advanced in your career through promotions and moving up in the org chart, it is very important that the hiring manager recognize this excellent attribute to your career history. Promotions indicate that you have been successful, trusted and valued by prior employers, and another way for the recruiter to evaluate you as a future member of their organization.  In fact, if the recruiter does not see career progression for a professional with several years of experience, that might cause concern.  So definitely prioritize your success story!

The easiest way for the recruiter to quickly notice your advancement on the resume is by formatting and listing your various titles within the same company, under the name of the company, with respective dates, showing your progression.  Under those titles, add specific skills and accomplishments, with bullets, that support your promotions.  Always include the increased size of the budget, team, region or supervisory responsibilities to show the growth in responsibilities.  For example:

(Brief description of the company) 

SVP - SALES, GLOBAL PRODUCTS (12/15/22 - Present)

  • Duties, including position to whom you report, size of organization
  • Increased responsibilities
  • Leadership

VP - Sales and Marketing, US.  (2018 - 2022)

  • Duties, including report; direct reports; size of organization; sales revenue, etc.
  • Sales revenue
  • Promoted to SVP as a result of increased sales and assuming management responsibilities

 Associate - Marketing Northeast (2014 - 2018)

  • Responsibilities
  • Accomplishments
  • Due to consistently meeting job requirements, was promoted to VP-Sales.

As shown above in the last bullet, reiterating that you received a promotion will ensure that the recruiter sees this information.  Suggested language includes:

Consistently met or exceeded requirements of the job resulting in promotion.

In that way, not only will the reader see the progression of your career in titles and dates, but also with a further brief explanation.  By using this format, you will be sharing your story in an easy-to-grasp outline, letting the recruiter know that you will easily add value to their team, as well.