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Whether you're a new graduate with limited work experience, are switching careers, have gaps in your employment history, or were recently laid off and are unsure how to address that in your resume, our resume FAQs will guide you through all these situations.
Resume FAQ

How do I show my leadership skills on my resume?

“Leadership” is a buzz word found on most job descriptions as a requirement for their position, without offering many specific details.  Arranging your resume to incorporate examples of your leadership experience will enhance your viability as an appropriate candidate. 

Often, when we think of leadership, or strong leaders, the concept of control, demanding, and fear come to mind.  Today, the opposite is actually the truth.   Leadership is less about you as an individual, and more about your ability to contribute to and motivate others; putting people in a position to succeed by serving as a role model while exhibiting empathy and understanding.  As a result, every candidate, at all levels, has examples of leadership that will add value to their resume - whether in an office; on a team; in a community activity or in a family.  The list of Skills is an excellent place to highlight a few of your leadership abilities.  Give consideration to a time when you have positively influenced another individual, or group of people.  These are skills that should be included.  The following are just a few phrases to consider using:
Team Building 
Conflict Resolution
Coached team (sports or workplace)
Took Action
Modeled workplace behavior
Actively listened
Adding phrases describing your leadership skills under your Job Experience, will create a better picture of your interaction within the workplace and effect on colleagues, such as:  
Resolve issues by listening and collaborating with staff to identify solutions.

Developed a program to incentivize employees which increased workplace happiness and retention.

Improved productivity in the workplace by introducing software that eliminated lengthy tasks.

Oversaw the community charitable event, including 40 volunteers; arranging space; marketing the event, producing record-breaking turnout. 

Collaborated with team leaders in the organization to strategize improved sales tactics which led to increased production.
It is best, whenever possible, to quantify results and state how your actions improved the situation.  For Senior Management, listing your supervisory roles, with title, and the number of direct reports will immediately establish you as a leader, on paper. Try to include Keywords from the job description, to enhance the visibility of your resume.  If you received positive reviews for your leadership style, indicate that information as well. 

A great example of good leadership is stating how you enabled subordinates or colleagues to grow and develop - and maybe surpass you in the job.  Leaders create an environment of trust, respect and most of all, accountability. 

However, not everyone has direct management responsibility, but possesses other attributes that demonstrate an ability to lead.  So how does that translate to the resume?  When possible, list quantifiable results or accomplishments and give examples.  If leadership is a key component of the job description, include language in a strongly-stated summary, such as:
As a member of the legal support staff, developed processes which motivated other members of the group to follow suit, setting an example and increasing overall productivity.
For candidates with direct supervisory responsibilities, including a statement in the Profile Summary about your leadership style will be of benefit: 
Results oriented Human Resources Leader with 5 years-experience motivating and coaching 15 direct reports.  Excellent track record overseeing projects that improved morale and delivered results to the bottom line.
It is not always easy to quantify your ability to lead, influence or motivate others in the workplace.  However, writing about a few specific instances will demonstrate that you are a leader at any level.