Resume FAQs
Whether you're a new graduate with limited work experience, are switching careers, have gaps in your employment history, or were recently laid off and are unsure how to address that in your resume, our resume FAQs will guide you through all these situations.
Resume FAQ

How can I highlight my ability to work under pressure on my resume?

Chefs, trainees, accountants, teachers, nurses, cashiers, first responders, administrative staff, students, as well as senior management - all of us at some time have experienced stressful situations.  Every workplace has had emergencies, crises or overwhelming workloads at various times.  Showing your ability to anticipate a problem and react with self-control and a calm demeanor, will appeal to the hiring manager.  Listing one or two bullets within your current or prior work experience will showcase this skill.  Or you may want to include a phrase or sentence in your Profile Summary, if managing pressured situations is key to the new position.  An example might include:
Maintained calm demeanor when responding to employee issues requesting increase in benefits.  Successfully achieved compromise.  

Working under pressure is a difficult quality to demonstrate on a resume.  You can feel pressured when you have a deadline and you are running out of time, or experiencing a sudden last minute interruption that requires an immediate resolution.  We have all functioned in a crisis situation, either at work or at home.  Some of us manage these situations better than others.  Language including: “problem solving”; “self-control”; “remained calm” will convey your style and demeanor when dealing in a critical situation.  Write about a time when you didn’t panic under pressure and maintained self-control.  Examples include;
Successfully resolved fast-paced, unexpected challenges with colleagues and customers.
Implemented necessary change during COVID-19, establishing temporary workspace in compliance with government regulations, eliminating excessive sales losses.
Responded to emergency power outage by promptly identifying alternative energy resources.

If you thrive under pressure, then definitely include examples on the resume.  Highlight situations when you had to respond quickly to an unexpected request or incident.   Provide examples of your time-management skills which show clear thinking and preparedness for any problem.    

As always, it is a good idea to review the job description for specific language relating to “working under pressure”, so that you can restate that language on the resume.  Phrases like “Problem-solving”; “Critical thinking”; and “Adaptability” in a job description will suggest that the job will likely require an ability to work under pressure.  By adding a few examples of prior experiences, you will demonstrate your ability to successfully handle similar situations.