Resume FAQs
Whether you're a new graduate with limited work experience, are switching careers, have gaps in your employment history, or were recently laid off and are unsure how to address that in your resume, our resume FAQs will guide you through all these situations.
Resume FAQ

How do I make my resume appealing to both human recruiters and applicant tracking systems (ATS)?

Both the Recruiter and ATS scanner are actually looking for the same information and details, in most cases.  It may surprise you to know that a recruiter may only spend five-ten seconds reviewing a resume.  A scanner also processes a resume in just a few seconds.  In each situation, keeping the language simple, active while optimizing the keywords - when possible, will appeal to both.  It is important to write a highly scannable resume to ensure that you advance to a recruiter, who will similarly scan the resume to look for information matching their position requirements.  Additional detailed information should be addressed in a Cover Letter, to further enlighten the recruiter.

One example to ensure that the ATS scanner advances your resume is by placing your information in optimal locations on the document, as follows:

Next to your name include a degree or title:

  • First Name/Last Name, MBA.
  • First Name/Last Name, CFA; CPA: PhD
  • First Name/Last Name, SVP-Marketing

In this way, both the scanner and the recruiter will immediately know more about your identity.

Just beneath your contact information you should add two or three additional titles that describe who you are a/o who you want to be.  The scanner and the recruiter will be able to easily read these details, as well:

City, State, Phone Number, Email Address, Linkedin Account

Portfolio manager • Financial Analyst • Manager

A “Skills List” and “Career Highlights” should also be separate sections at the top of the resume, incorporating Keywords from the job description.  This approach will maximize the possibility for the scanner to advance your resume, and for the recruiter to quickly assess your viability.

When presenting your experience and accomplishments within the body of the resume, including bullet points will attract attention to the important issues you wish to highlight.  By identifying each bullet point with a title first, followed by a keyword-optimized description, you will provide both the ATS and reader the ability to quickly summarize your employment history, and where you have added value:

(Brief description of company)
JOB TITLE; Description of role; Accomplishments:

  • Customer Service: Provided superior customer relations to 50 daily inquiries improving sales by 20%
  • Leadership: Managed a team of 5 sales professionals who performed above expectations