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Should I use ChatGPT to Write My Resume

Using Artificial Intelligence is an easy way to get started with writing your resume, especially when you are having trouble doing it on your own.  ChatGPT is currently the go-to format to use for resume writing at all levels.  Using ChatGPT is of great assistance and a great tool when drafting your resume, but it should be used exclusively to support your writing efforts - not as the final product.  It is useful in assisting with creating content and suggesting alternative ways to present your information.  It can customize your resume, add bullet points and save time.  It is also helpful with grammar, spelling, and formatting.

However, ChatGPT is not always accurate and definitely requires a human edit to ensure that the information presented is not only truthful, but represents your own style and personality. Further, ChatGPT may not always consistently match your skills to the job description.  So use the tool as a supplement to the final writing process - and only one part of the process.  You are responsible for ensuring that the information is relevant and reflects your specific goals and experience.  The end result should be a personal, accurate, well-organized resume, reflecting your unique qualifications - hopefully reviewed and proofread by a human.

Before you get started, be clear about your goals and objectives against the career or job you are seeking.  A generic resume, used repeatedly to apply to multiple jobs, will not always get past the ATS algorithm.  The resumes that have been individually edited and revised to directly match the desired job description will have a much better chance of reaching the hiring manager. This is where ChatGPT can be of assistance and save time.  Researching the Keywords on the job description and submitting to ChatGPT will result in a more targeted resume. The more detail you gather, the better ChatGPT will be able to help, including skills, education, job experience, awards, name and contact information, etc.   Further, you may choose to upload the entire job description, in which case, an even more specific resume may result.

Finally, by submitting both a Job description along with an existing resume, ChatGPT will be able to assimilate all the information and produce a rough draft - in seconds, ready for you to revise and add detail. 

Before entering ChatGPT, it is important to decide which resume-format you will choose: Chronological, Functional or both.  Then you are ready to open ChatGPT and request assistance. 

Some basic steps to access ChatGPT are as follows:

Log in to and scroll down to ChatGPT

A menu will drop down where you will click on ChatGPT.  Access the “Signup” prompt where you will be prompted to enter the information you need help with.  You can indicate that you would like assistance writing a resume.

You may ask any question you want, for example: 

Can you help me write a skills section on my resume; or, Please organize my work summary with bullet points; or Please list my education at the top of the resume

You can even ask it to suggest achievements for a specific job or project you may have completed.

The more details and information you provide to ChatGPT, the better product you will receive.  Of course you will edit the content for accuracy, and you may want to add different information or make changes, depending on the specific job application.  It is important that the resume aligns with the job description, which will change for each application. 

For the more experienced candidates who have existing resumes, ChatGPT is extremely useful in revising the resume to target a specific job description.  In this case you will ask the prompt to:

Tailor my resume to the (xyz position) at (xyz company), including Keywords from the job description and matching values, skills and achievements. 

You will have pasted both your resume and the job description into ChatGPT allowing it to synthesize the information and respond.  For best results, pasting each job description for each position to which you are applying will result in resumes unique to each specific job.

If you want to add or revise content for only one section of the existing resume, upload the content in question, and state the following: 

I am revising my resume.  I worked as an HR Manager in the Financial Industry for 8 years. Please suggest changes.

After submitting  your work experience from a specified section,  ChatGPT may ask many additional questions.  There are prompts where you can also add,

Please ask me any questions so that you can help me rewrite my resume to focus more on eadership experience. Please include bullets.

ChatGPT will submit suggestions with bullet points, including skills that match your information to any Keywords submitted or from an uploaded  job description.  Continuing with each section of the resume, in the same manner,  will result in more relevant information to be incorporated onto the resume. 

The way to get the best results from ChatGPT is asking the right questions.  Asking it to be a professional resume writer, will generate professional documents.  If you have a resume that you would like to edit, you can ask ChatGPT to reduce or expand specific details, add dates or updated information.  Always answer any questions that ChatGPT asks of you. 

In summary, this outline is offering a brief guideline of  how to get started.  There are many ways to use ChatGPT for a job search.  It is a unique experience and one to try out, for sure.  But in the end, it should not be used to generate the final product; you always need to review the content and make changes or additions to ensure that your resume best reflects your experience.

We asked ChatGPT, “Is it a good idea to use ChatGPT to write a resume?”  Here was their response:

“Remember, ChatGPT is a tool to assist you in the resume writing process, but you should always take an active role in tailoring the content to fit your unique qualifications and the job you are applying for.  Your resume should ultimately reflect your skills and experiences accurately and effectively.”